lease agreement on a table with pens and a pair of glasses

Tenants and Landlords are both required to abide by the terms of their lease agreement. If there is a breach of the lease agreement by either the landlord or the tenant, it is best to resolve the conflict as soon as possible.

The threat of losing your apartment can be traumatic. When you first receive a letter or court document from your landlord, it is advisable to call an attorney immediately. Peggy Collen always attempts to negotiate with the landlord in order to amicably resolve the conflict before a case is commenced in court. Her goal is to keep her clients out of court.

Peggy Collen is an aggressive litigator. Litigation can be stressful. Ms. Collen is always available to answer your questions throughout the litigation process.

 Landlord-Tenant Disputes include:

  • Evictions 
  • Harassment
  • Succession Cases
  • Non-Primary Residence Proceedings
  • Nuisance Proceedings
  • Illegal Sublet
  • Warranty of Habitability
  • Repairs – HPD Proceedings
  • Secondhand Smoke
  • Rent Abatement
  • Discrimination in Housing
  • No Pet Clause in Lease
  • Dangerous Dogs
  • Emotional Support Animals

Commercial Landlord-Tenant Law

  • Non-payment Proceedings
  • Holdover Proceedings

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