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Peggy Collen
Attorney At Law

Peggy Collen is an experienced attorney and an aggressive litigator. She cares deeply about her clients and encourages close communication so that they understand the legal process every step of the way. You can rely on Ms. Collen’s thorough knowledge of the law, and utmost integrity. She serves clients throughout the New York City metro area.

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Landlord -
Tenant Law

Tenants and Landlords are both required to abide by the terms of their lease agreement. If there is a breach of the lease agreement by either the landlord or the tenant, it is best to resolve the conflict as soon as possible.

The threat of losing your apartment can be traumatic. When you first receive a letter or court document from your landlord, it is advisable to call an attorney immediately. Peggy Collen always attempts to negotiate with the landlord in order to amicably resolve the conflict before a case is commenced in court. Her goal is to keep her clients out of court.

Peggy Collen is an aggressive litigator. Litigation can be stressful. Ms. Collen is always available to answer your questions throughout the litigation process.

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Contract Dispute Litigation

Helping Individuals and Business Owners Resolve Contract Disputes

There are a number of contract disputes, both foreseen and unexpected, that give rise to the need for legal counsel. Peggy Collen’s  primary objective in resolving conflicts on behalf of her clients is to arrive at a solution benefitting all sides while avoiding the need to engage in costly discovery and an eventual trial. Of course, when the possibility of a negotiated settlement proves impossible or unworkable in light of the facts of the dispute, Ms. Collen will use her knowledge to zealously advocate your position in a court of law.

As you navigate the facets of business ownership or contract disputes, Peggy Collen will work alongside you to help avoid potential conflict or devise a workable solution once a conflict occurs. For more information or to arrange for a consultation, contact Ms. Collen today.

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Pet Law

Ms. Collen will do everything possible to keep your pet, emotional support animal or service animal in your apartment. There are laws that protect tenants who live in apartments with no pet clauses. If you have an Emotional Support Animal or Service Animal, a landlord cannot force you to get rid of your animal. The size, breed, or weight of your assistance animal does not matter. If your dog bites or lunges at someone in your apartment building, you have a right to defend your dog.

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