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Peggy Collen
Attorney At Law

Peggy Collen is an experienced attorney and an aggressive litigator. She cares deeply about her clients and encourages close communication so that they understand the legal process every step of the way. You can rely on Ms. Collen’s thorough knowledge of the law, and utmost integrity. She serves clients throughout the New York City metro area.

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Landlord-Tenant Law

Tenants and Landlords are both required to abide by the terms of their lease agreement. If there is a breach of the lease agreement by either the landlord or the tenant, it is best to resolve the conflict as soon as possible.

The threat of losing your apartment can be traumatic. When you first receive a letter or court document from your landlord, it is advisable to call an attorney immediately. Peggy Collen always attempts to negotiate with the landlord in order to amicably resolve the conflict before a case is commenced in court. Her goal is to keep her clients out of court.

Peggy Collen is an aggressive litigator. Litigation can be stressful. Ms. Collen is always available to answer your questions throughout the litigation process.

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Assisted Living Abuse

When you are looking for an assisted living facility for yourself or for a loved one, you will first meet with a salesperson who will usually describe the facility as a heaven-like safe, loving, home with plenty of activities, delicious food, and an excellent caregiver/resident ratio. Then reality strikes. You or your loved one suffered from abuse and/or neglect. Signs of elder abuse may include malnutrition and dehydration, bruises, cuts, broken bones, falls, sexual assault, and unsanitary conditions.

Most assisted living facilities are owned by corporations that have one bottom-line: money. Fees might increase almost exponentially, without reason. Possibly, you are being pressured by the Executive Director to put your loved one in memory care so that the facility can charge you thousands of dollars more than what you are paying in the assisted living area. You know that your loved one should not be moved to the memory care floor in the facility, but you are confused and frightened because the Executive Director is threatening an eviction if you don’t move your loved one. You might fear that the Executive Director will literally throw your family member on the street – without warning. Peggy Collen will do everything to protect and defend you or your family member’s dignity, safety, and finances.

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