Elder Law

You are never too young to plan for your future. Getting older can be a stressful time with health issues and financial concerns. It is advisable to take control of your future. If you become incapacitated, who will make medical decisions for you or pay your bills? What will happen to your pets? What about your assets? If you do not have a Will, what will happen to your property? Will there be family disputes? Do you want to write someone out of your Will? Do you want to leave your money to a charity? Do you have plans for your burial or cremation? Thinking about the end of your life can be an unsettling experience. However, if you do not plan for your future, who will?

Peggy Collen can assist you with matters, such as:

  • Wills
  • Healthcare planning, including health care proxy, power of attorney, and living wills
  • Pet planning – what will become of your pets when you are hospitalized or deceased?
  • Discrimination in Housing
  • Article 81 Guardianships
  • Disposition of Remains Document

Ms. Collen will work diligently with you to plan for your future.